In the heavily competitive real estate market, an agent has to work hard to find ways to differentiate himself from the competition. Donny Piwowarski’s dedication to his clients and innovative marketing techniques have allowed him to do just that. After 18 years of tireless effort, Donny is now the owner and founder of Hero Real Estate, a residential brokerage serving the Bay Area and Central Valley. Donny’s inspiration for the company stems from his admiration for first responders, and it is his mission to provide clients with more than just an agent, but rather their own hero.

Like many agents, Donny did not start off working in real estate. Instead, he began his career running a computer support company in San Jose. One day a friend of his asked him to set up the infrastructure for a new mortgage and real estate company he was starting. When Donny finished building out the tech infrastructure, his friend asked if he was interested in learning more about the industry. Eager to take on a new challenge, Donny quickly agreed. Soon enough, he was a realtor by day and computer genius by night, until he eventually decided to jump in full-time.


Donny credits his diligence and client-centric mentality as being the primary drivers of his success. "My tagline is a play on my last name: I make sure that every client I work with has a ‘WOW’ experience,” Donny enthusiastically explains. “My attitude is that if you take care of your clients and do the right thing, they will come back to you. My business is wholly structured around the client experience, so I always go the extra mile to satisfy all their needs and place their interests above mine.” These standards have proven successful, as over 95% of Donny’s business comes from repeat clients and referrals.


Another key competitive advantage clients enjoy when working with Hero Real Estate is their innovative marketing plan. "Each plan is customized to the specifics of the property, and I structure everything so that every week we are leveraging a different promotional tool,” Donny tells Top Agent. “We start off pushing out promotions to the 20,000 people in our database. Then we target the demographics of likely buyers with ads across various websites and social media. In addition, we also use retargeting campaigns so that the minute someone clicks on one of my email campaigns or social media ads, my ads will follow them for the next six months as they traverse across the Internet.” This marketing expertise coupled with his extensive mortgage background has continuously allowed Donny to see transactions through to a successful close.


Outside of work, Donny loves to play racquetball and spend time with his family, including his three dogs. 

Looking to the future, Donny is excited to grow his business while continuing to refine strategies to assist first responders in successfully buying homes. “We help all types of clients, but we would like to fine-tune our focus to helping first responders. A typical first responder will take out a loan that is very similar to a VA loan, and it can be difficult for an offer with this kind of financing to compete with others. My company's focus is to develop strategies that can help us improve the rate that first responders have their offers accepted.”

Continuing on to this next challenge, Donny never forgets what got him to this point. He is extremely appreciative of all his clients, friends, and families. Optimistic for the future, Donny is ready to serve you... because you need more than just an agent. 

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